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What Is Whole Home Audio / Video ?

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Audio and Home Audio Distribution

Whole Home Audio Video Distribution
Whole House Audio Video Distribution


Imagine having music in every room of your home with nothing more than a wall mounted kepad and virtually invisible in-wall or in-ceiling speakers required in each room. This is the dream system of interior decorators and is typically only found in higher-end homes. Let us show you a reasonably priced solution using your existing equipment.

Whole house audio / video systems are a centralized audio / video system that provides music and video / cable signals throughout the home. When using a centralized system, the only components required to be in each room are speakers and TV screens. The system is effortlessly controlled through a handheld remote or wall mounted control panels. The centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, or if you prefer, mounted in an elegant rack system on display in your living room. Many systems may have additional source components located locally in rooms for convenience. These source components may be available to the room where they are located and may be available to the rest of the home as well.

There are many ways to achieve the whole house A/V system you desire. The basic configurations are described below.

Hidden Speakers in a Whole Home Audio System

Single Amplifier/Receiver Driving Speakers in Multiple Rooms
Home Audio Video Distribution in Marin
This is the least expensive method and most limited. The sound from a single amplifier or receiver is available to several rooms. All of the rooms receive the same sound. Volume Controls may be located in each of the rooms to adjust levels (a centralized multi-zone volume control can be used as well). If the output from a single source is split between 2 or more pairs of speakers, an impedance matching system must be used to prevent damage to the source. When you add an Infrared (IR) Distribution system, you will be able to control the source (Play, Stop, Pause, ect.).

Shared Sources and Multiple Amplifiers / Receivers
Whole Home Audio distribution in San Francisco
In order to listen to different sources at the same time in different locations, multiple amps / receivers are required. One amp / receiver for each zone(a zone refers to one listening area). The amp / receivers may also be stacked together to share the source inputs. Tthis configuration allows one source(CD, DVD, DSS, ect.) to be used for multiple locations. To control the volume and sources from each zone a zoned Infrared (IR) Distribution system must be added.

Integrated Multi - Zone Systems

Many amps / receivers now have a built-in second, separate amplifier for a second zone. If your needs require only 2 zones, this may be a cost effective solution. For larger numbers of zones consider a Multi-Source / Multi-Zone System which has separate amplifiers for each zone and volume control and source control systems built-in.

Elements from the 3 methods described can be combined in many ways to customize the system for your exact requirements

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