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Are you tired of waiting for your turn to get online? Do you need a faster connection? Would you like to turn off your home security system from your computer at work? Or would you like to have one printer shared by the whole family? If so, you need a structured wiring system in your home. A structured wiring system provides upgraded telephone and video wiring (typically category-5 and RG-6) with a home-run design that allows greater flexibility than standard telephone and video wiring.


Structured wiring systems have become increasingly popular with homebuyers along with the expansion of the Internet and home computing applications. Structured wiring systems are typically based on Category-5 wiring for voice and data transfer and RG-6 cabling for video signals. Category 5 wiring allows much faster data transfer rates (bandwidth) than plain old telephone systems (POTS). RG-6 video cable provides for digital video transmissions (required for satellite systems) and should be used instead of RJ-59 (prior standard) which is not able to transmit digital video signals. Structured systems are based on star topology design, which means that each wall outlet has a home-run connection to a central hub. This allows flexibility for the configuration of voice, data, and video distribution. A variety of connection devices can be used at the central hub, from very simple punch-down blocks to more elaborate switching units that can support a high-speed Ethernet system (100Mbps). For the serious speed demon, some system installers offer Category 6 and even fiber based structured wiring systems. At this time, the prevailing attitude is that fiber is too costly for residential applications.


A variety of installers are available for Category-5 wiring systems depending on the scope and context of the desired system. Some homebuilders have contracted with specialized installers, especially for more advanced applications. However, many electrical contractors are beginning to offer structured wiring systems as well. Most regional telephone companies have also begun offering residential structured wiring services.

Installation of Category 5 wiring occurs in a "home run" or star topology configuration—wires run from a central location directly to each wall plate or outlet location. Such a layout can result in substantial wiring for separate runs for each outlet. Therefore, the installation requires advance planning to provide locations that maximize user flexibility while minimizing the amount of wire runs.


Although the principle benefits of Category 5 wiring are networking capabilities and high-speed internet access, it can also provide low voltage sensing and communications functions that can become the basis for more extensive automation systems. As the Internet continues to provide more services and many useful home automation devices become available, homeowners may consider it to be more of a necessity than a luxury.

In July of 2000 the FCC changed the minimum requirements for telephone wiring in new construction. Category 3 wiring was chosen as the minimum standard. Category 3 wire is very similar to Category 5 in that it is solid copper, unshielded, twisted pair wire. The primary difference is that Category 3 wire has two pairs of wire instead of four, which results in less total bandwidth.


Category 5 wire is more expensive than either standard telephone or Category 3 wire. Structured installation is also more costly since it requires pulling more wire than in a standard (looped) telephone installation. Moreover, the system tends to have more outlet locations to provide for varied functions. Also, the maximum Internet connection rate the inside wiring can realize is sometimes limited by the bandwidth available from the line outside of the house. In some areas local phone companies have not yet upgraded the "last mile," lines typically found within a mile or so of many homes.


The Electric Industries Association (EIA) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) published EIA/TIA 568 standard, which governs the five categories of unshielded twisted pair cable. To comply with the standard, cables must meet minimum guidelines in regard to cross talk and attenuation of the signal's strength as it travels through the cable.

As mentioned, in July of 2000, the FCC adopted Category 3 wire as the minimum standard for residential wiring.


A structured wiring system will enable your home to take full advantage of today's technology, while preparing it for tomorrow's innovations.

We'll get you wired! Most current in-home wiring is obsolete and inadequate to accept high speed digital data, which is an important element of the emerging home automation and Internet technologies. Computers, microprocessors and “chips” will continue to to be integrated into our lives through our appliances and systems; in turn, our lives will change significantly in the next few decades. Bandwidth distribution in our homes is convenience for the future.

Various companies and utilities are preparing to provide all kinds of information and interactive services. But the wiring systems in our homes have not kept pace with these new technologies. Increasingly, the value of a home will be tied in with its ability to respond electronically. Homes that are not wired for the future risk being obsolete before their mortgages have retired. The installation of an structured wiring system will ensure long term value, enjoyment, expandability, and functionality of a home.

As your electronic systems integration specialist, SRS Productions will design and install a structured cabling system that guarantees flexibility for changes, additions, moves, or redistribution, as well as the capacity to accommodate system updates, upgrades, and new technologies. As your phone, video, computer network needs change, it can easily be done at the panel without requiring any additional wiring. Avoid unsightly wires in your home!

With this structured cabling system in place, we can distribute your video signals throughout your home, so that any expensive video equipment or subscription services can be shared throughout the home. Share one high-speed internet access account throughout your home. It enables you to have any security/monitoring camera on ANY channel. a Structured cabling system also gives you the ability to set up a home computer network which will enable you to share expensive printers, share files and programs, etc.

With distributed video, you can be in the Den and watch the pool area where the kids are playing, or monitor your sleeping baby. You can have a picture-in-picture pop up on your TV screen when someone rings the doorbell, allowing you to decide whether or not to answer your door.

Interesting Idea: Integrate distributed video with the lighting and audio systems, and ... if a child falls into the pool all television sets that are off are automatically turned ON, all TVs tune into the specific channel that is tied into the pool camera, lights begin to flash in the house, and sound is filtered into your distributed audio system. All of this happens instantly, enabling anyone in the house to immediately run outside to the child's rescue.


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