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EXPERIENCE THE LIFESTYLE ENHANCING CONTROL OF YOUR HOME ENVIRONMENT. The On-Q Home Standard Control Solution gives you the programmable convenience of controlling lights and heating and cooling plus the flexibility of managing all system functions remotely.

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  • Perfect for starter to mid-sized homes
  • Energy management that fits your lifestyle
  • Lighting control throughout the home
  • Remote access to all settings for ultimate convenience
  • Optional 24/7 security inside and outside your home
  • Optional system integration for expanded control
  • Other options include touchscreen displays, and additional control keypads, thermostats and lighting control switches

The On-Q Home Standard Control Solution is an economical choice for small to mid-sized homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments. The solution consists of:

  • The Model 800 Home Management System (HMS 800)
  • One back-lit control keypad display
  • One RF remote control keyfob
  • One digital thermostat
  • One outdoor temperature sensor
  • Home control lighting package (includes control for six light switches)
You get enhanced comfort, safety, and convenience plus energy savings by coordinating lighting, heating and air conditioning, security, scenes, and messaging based on your lifestyle and schedule. And it's all easy to operate with the On-Q Home user-friendly back-lit control keypad display.

The digital thermostat provides extremely accurate control and precision temperature monitoring allowing the system to automatically adjust your home's temperature based on your family's schedule and lifestyle. Automated temperature not only allows for at-home comfort, but can produce significant energy savings while you are away by eliminating wasteful heating and cooling. You can adjust temperature settings automatically based on outdoor temperature, time of day, and security settings, such as the Night or Away modes.

Wouldn't it be nice to awake in the morning with the kitchen lights dimmed to a soft setting easing you into your first cup of coffee? How about slipping out of the bed in the middle of the night and having a low level light path to the bathroom? Or stairway lights that illuminate and turn off automatically as you pass. Imagine automatically dimming the house lights at the start of a movie in the family room, just like a real movie theater experience. The On-Q Home Standard Control Solution offers all this specialized lighting control-both inside and outside your home-and much more. Dramatically enhance your daily living by programming lighting scenes for special occasions or have your home take on a different look and feel on the weekends. It's all at your fingertips in one intuitive and flexible system



As sophisticated as the On-Q Home Standard Control Solution is, nothing beats the ease and convenience of being able to control everything remotely from any touch tone phone. When you're away from your home, you can access and review or change your security, lighting, and heating and air conditioning functions. If you're coming home late and you want to turn on some lights or change some settings, you can operate up to six different management functions from your driveway with your RF remote control keyfob.

The On-Q Home Standard Control Solution provides you with peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system can monitor and alert you to intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, freezing conditions, water leaks, and medical emergencies.* Integrated lighting control gives your home that "lived-in" look while you're away and aids in automatically lighting exit paths in the event of a fire if you're home. You can even turn on all lights using the phone next to your bed to frighten away possible intruders. An activated HMS smoke detector will shut down the thermostat fan to help stop the spread of smoke and fire throughout your house. Remote status capability through any touch-tone phone lets you check the status of your security system no matter where you are.

* Extra parts may be required.

Other home systems may be integrated to work together such as automatic drapery control, yard Sprinklers and driveway sensors.

** Auxiliary system integration requires parts sold separately.



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