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Nuvo D2120 Audio Amplifier


The new Digital Power Amplifier (D2120) delivers quality stereo amplification, in a compact and high-efficiency package. Sounding off at 2 x 120 watts, this amp is first in a new generation of digital power amplifiers that offer a powerful and versatile answer to any installation’s needs, even in large rooms and outdoor areas. Easily compatible with most third party sources, the NV-D2120 offers great flexibility without any sacrifice of performance. And using only 50 watts of power in typical use, the ENERGY STAR rated D2120 stands out as the eco-friendly amplification solution.

Local source Amplifier


A 40 Watt stereo Local Source Amplifier designed to fit into a standard single gang box to amplify any local audio source, through that zones speakers. Available in two versions. For use with a local power supply, NV-LSA40S, for individual zone use, or without the power supply for use with the NV-LSA40PDS.



Power Distribution Hub


A four zone power distribution hub capable of sending power to up to four individual LSA40 Local Source Amplifiers.


Home Theater / Whole House Audio
SRS Productions sells and installs Nuvo Home Audio Amplifiers, Home Audio Speakers, Home Audio Tuners, Home Audio Controllers and Home Audio Accessories for your Home Theater. We carry the entire Nuvo Whole house audio product line including the Nuvo Simplese, Nuvo Essentia, Nuvo Concerto, Nuvo AccentPLUS, Nuvo Audio Tuners, Nuvo Audio Amplifiers & Nuvo Home Audio Accessories. When SRS Productions installs a whole hoouse audio system or home theater system; Tthe best home theater equipment is used, whether it's a simple stereo, sound system, surround sound system, whole house audio or home theater system, we have the expertise to complete your whole house audio or home theater with expertise. We are required by agreement to sell only in our local market. Please go to http://www.nuvotechnologies.com for your nearest dealer.


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