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Home automation / integration is the ultimate blending of technology and house management. Home automation adds greater comfort, convenience, and capabilities to your home, as well as even saving you money. 

Heating, air-conditioning, and lighting can add up to high energy bills. Home automation controls these systems to help reduce your expenses. For example, it can sense when a room is no longer in use and turn off the lights and turn down the heat.

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But cost-efficiency isn't all a home automation system provides -- convenience and comfort are just as important. 

Say you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. When you step onto the floor a pressure sensor under the carpet can transmit a signal to the system which then brings up the lights -- but perhaps to only 5%, enough to find your way, but not enough to disturb your still-sleeping spouse. After returning to bed, the pressure sensor detects you've returned, and the lights automatically fade to off.

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To ensure you get the most from a home automation system you need someone who understands and works with all the systems in your home. SRS Productions offers comprehensive expertise and experience in ALL home electronic systems, providing everything you need to automate and seamlessly integrate these systems into your house and your lifestyle.


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