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Universal Single Stage Thermostat
Universal Single Stage Thermostat

  A SRS Productions Energy Management System allows you to gain sophisticated control of your heating and cooling for maximum efficiency and lowest costs.

     You can automatically have your system cut back during the night while you're asleep or during the day while you're at work, then have it come back up just before you wake up or arrive home so that you get just the right temperatures.

     With zoned systems, you can achieve even greater efficiencies by controlling different areas of the house to match your lifestyle.



SRS Productions Dimmer
Dimmer Switch

The use of dimmer switches cuts your energy costs. With the addition of a whole home lighting control system, you can have even greater control of your energy consumption.

SRS Productions specializes in easy to use and reliable energy management and automation systems.


Energy Saving Window Treatments
Energy Saving Window Treatments

The efficiency of your home will be further enhanced with the addition of window treatments. SRS Productions offers a wide array of window treatments that allow you to enjoy the full benefits of your windows as well as lower your energy costs. There are a number of control options to fit any situation.


SRS Productions will integrate your heating / cooling automation system, lighting automation system, and your window covering automation system to give you maximum control of your energy use and the ultimate in convenience and comfort.





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